We find ways for your waste...


Wayste is a mobile application for an on-demand waste hauling and garbage collection services for homes and businesses. 

  • It follows a social enterprise model with incentivized segregation of garbage and gamification within the app to encourage citizen participation and reinforcement of the Republic Act 9003 (RA 9003 on Solid Waste Management)

  • Public, Private and People Partnership (PPPP) is to be forged to solve the wicked problem on solid waste management.

What can Wayste do?

Here are some of the things that you can do in the app.


What happens with our garbage?

Existence of Waste Management Industry

In this Alux.com video, they tried to answer the following questions: How big is the waste management industry? Which country makes the most waste? How can we take care of waste better? How polluting is the waste industry? Which country has the best waste management? What are the dangers of waste industry? What is the newest tech in the waste management industry? What is Rubicon? Why do some countries import waste?

These are the 15 things that you should know about the waste industry. 

Who can make this happen?


They are the brave, young souls who chose to help solve one of the most wicked problems, not only of the Philippines, but the WHOLE WORLD.

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