We aim to make the Philippines and other developing countries a cleaner and greener place to live in. Help us build a mobile application that would connect waste disposers, garbage collectors, and waste processors, users, and recyclers with each other.

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Increase in waste generation

Decrease in waste collection efficiency

There are 22.98 million households in the Philippines producing 1.65 billion tons of wastes every year. Inefficiencies occur because of corruption and non-implementation of the R.A. 9003. There are limitations with the current garbage collection system. It can only collect certain volumes of wastes at certain schedules for certain type of wastes.

One cannot freely dispose their garbages on their date and time, and type of garbage nor the garbage haulers can collect freely. On the other hand, there are establishments, business, and institutions that value these wastes but lack access to to them. The country needs to increase the diversion rate of its wastes from going straight to the landfills.


Waste Producers

Waste Haulers

Waste Users

WAYSTE is the digitalization of the Integrated Solid Waste Management approach in solving the wicked problem of wastes. Waste producers will use the app to request for their garbage to be picked up whenever. After hauling, the garbage collectors will sell it to the network of waste users through the app. 

Wayste System

Here is the Community-level Solution of Wayste.

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About Us

Who Are We?

WAYSTE is an on-demand waste hauling and garbage collection services mobile platform for homes and businesses. We pick-up garbages of all kinds - kitchen wastes, recyclables, electronic wastes, residual wastes, and especially, Bulk wastes. We collect what the government cannot, will not, and forgot.

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Waste Report

Monitor the garbage produced and disposed 

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